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How to self-host EdgeDB

And setup your app!

Devlog №.12


Devlog №.11

Please hold

Devlog №.10

Beta incoming

Devlog №.9

Handy dandy recap

beachfront/ presents at HandyCon

In case you missed it

Devlog №.8

So close I can taste it

Devlog №.7

What's Happening?

Devlog №.6 (Year In Review)

Gearing up for the future

Product Launch: Dolo

Generate certs and DNS records for your TLDs

Devlog №.5

Know your products

Devlog №.4

Buff it out

Devlog №.3

Small wins

Devlog №.2

Know your market

Devlog №.1

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2022 Year in Review

Let's recap, shall we?

Setup a Handshake full node with systemd

Low maintenance - this is the way

StoppableDomains is a threat to all blockchains

Fallacious doublethink from UD abounds

Why get a Handshake TLD?

What would you even use it for?

The purpose of Neuenet and where we're going

Our long-term vision of the future

They look cool but, numerical TLDs don't work

You're gonna need another use case

Generating a site for each of our 900+ domains, part ⅓

Imagine doing this manually…

How to list your Handshake TLDs like the IANA

Roll up your sleeves, it's cron time!